Where did the sauce come from?

In 1975 James O. Ingram Sr. began challenging himself by learning how to gourmet smoke various kinds of meats on a pit smoker. His major goal was to perfect the art and become a premier Texas meat smoker. At that same time he began to experiment developing his own homemade Barbeque (BBQ) Sauce. He knew there would be a period of trial and error, however, he was determined to create his own sauce recipe and establish his ability to become a champion at smoking a variety of meats. As time passed, overcoming several obstacles, he accomplished his mission and perfected his craft at not only pit smoking but he created some of the best homemade BBQ Sauce you’ve ever tasted. James O. Ingram Sr. , husband of wife, Martha and father of three children, Ronnie, Cheryl and James Jr., has since passed. His homemade BBQ sauce is his legacy, which has been passed down to his family. He perfected the ability to select, season and smoke some of the most delicious meats you’ll ever taste. It is his recipe that lives on in the RonnieQ Sauce brand. Thank you Daddy from your eldest child Ronnie.